Supplemental Needs Trusts for Individuals with Disabilities.

We Protect Assets.

We Preserve Eligibility.

We Enrich Lives.

  1. We offer multiple options to protect your assets and avoid spend down!
    • Pooled Trusts
    • Payback Trusts
    • 3rd Party Funded Trusts
    • Other Services
  2. Low minimum account balance requirements…you can even set up an account with as little as a $500 initial deposit!
  3. Quick turnaround times with disbursement requests. Your trust is accessible when you need it!

We Protect.

We protect personal assets that have accrued as a result of a personal injury settlement, gift from a loved one or simply earned through hard work and savings.  Individuals with disabilities frequently find themselves having assets in excess of government-imposed eligibility limitations.  As a result, these assets need to be spent down in order to continue receiving or become eligible to receive government benefits or services.  A Supplemental Needs Trust is the prudent way for these personal assets to be protected.

We Preserve.

The Life Enrichment Trust provides a means to preserve or create individual eligibility.  As mentioned, personal assets in excess of government-imposed eligibility limits, jeopardize an individual’s ability to receive services.  If an individual exceeds these eligibility limits, they cannot receive the services they desperately need.  If an individual is already receiving services from a provider agency and the individual becomes ineligible, the impact is significant, as the supports rendered by the provider agency will be denied at billing.  Many caring non-profit agencies are at risk in these cases by not having a solution to maintain an individual’s eligibility.

We Enrich.

We Enrich. Simply put, we enrich lives.  Government funding does not cover all the activities that are of personal interest to individuals with disabilities.  Whether it is a first trip to the ocean, a cruise to Alaska, therapeutic horseback riding, or experiencing the joys of Disney World®, government funding does not pay for any of these desires.  The Life Enrichment Trust provides a means to meet these life enriching experiences by protecting assets for an individual’s future use instead of spending them down to simply preserve and/or create eligibility.

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“I would highly recommend the Life Enrichment Trust to my family and friends, as well as the entire community of individuals living with disabilities.”

-From a LET Beneficiary

“It’s great to know that my money is safe and always immediately available whenever I need it.  I am truly blessed to have you to help me.  You are like my internet mom…LOL!”

-From a LET Beneficiary to a LET Trust Services Assistant

“A little note to say “thank you” for the time you spent with me on the phone.  Dealing with the issues regarding my child can be very daunting, so talking with someone that understands and is knowledgeable is such a relief.  Again, thank you for your help.”

-From the Parent of a LET Beneficiary

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An important message from the Life Enrichment Trust...

Upon the death of a trust Beneficiary, Life Enrichment Trust, Inc. (LET) is prohibited by the Social Security Administration to make any further disbursements from the trust account, including payment for funeral expenses. In accordance to Social Security Administration requirements as outlined in their Program Operations Manual System (POMS) sections SI 01120.203B.1.h, and SI 0112m0.203B.3.a. and b., most type of payments, including those for funeral expenses, prior to reimbursement of medical assistance to the State(s), are prohibited. As a result, LET encourages all beneficiaries, or their advocates, to take advantage of prepaid irrevocable burial options that are available through many financial institutions. Most prepaid burial plans can be funded through the beneficiary’s trust account, but must be done so prior to death.